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At STEMBuddy - Virtual Reality Events we set up VR Gaming Station at your home or office events and parties. We come to you with our VR Gaming Sets and set up a exciting VR Gaming corner to entertain guests with our latest VR Games. We have up to 15 exciting new Virtual Reality games and challenges that you can enjoy right at your home and/or office. You, the player, can choose and customise your very own party package full of your favourite VR games that suits your event, party or friends.

VR Games and Escape room for

  • Teamwork building events at corporate offices, pre-schools/ schools, hotels and gatherings.

  • Birthday Parties at offices as well as home.

  • Available for both adults and children (10+)


Our Games

Plank Experience

Richie's Plank Experience was designed to urge its player to experience the strongest possible emotions in the shortest possible time duration. Give yourself, your friends and family the chance to experience such a state as they walk the plank, 80 stories high. And watch them go through the thrill of it as their knees get weak and their palms get sweaty because of the adrenaline pumping through their veins.

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Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a one-of-a-kind VR game that is unique due to it being an entirely new genre in itself. In the game, the player's goal is to slice through the "beats" (represented by small cubes) that are coming towards you as a song plays in the background matching the beats. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use (blue and/or red) and also the direction you need to slice the beats in. The goal is to make their players "almost dance whole cutting the cubes" as they avoid the obstacles that come with. Each experience is accompanied with great sound and visual effects that further emphasise the rhythm as well as the fun!

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The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The British Institute of Archaeology, London, 1908: The mysterious disappearance of an esteemed Egyptologist brings on a Police investigation into the unknown. In this game, the player will explore cryptic clues that come with eerie locations, utilise fantastic gadgets and futuristic tech as well as enter an otherworldly space which blurs the line between the player's own understanding of reality and illusion. Impressively designed completely from the ground up and for the unique story and particularities of virtual reality, players can inhabit the heart-racing, spine-tingling world of The Room and interact with its peculiar contraptions in this enthralling new chapter.

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Creed: Rise to Glory

CREED: RIDE TO THE GLORY is a truly intense gaming experience that features new 'Phantom Melee Technology' for impactful VR melee combat so that you, the player can train, fight and win. Creed is by far one of the best workout VR games in the market.

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Blade & Sorcery: Nomad

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad is a medieval fantasy game like no other in the market, that focuses on melee, ranged as well as magic combat that utilises a unique and realistic physics driven interaction approach and combat system.

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Zero Caliber: Reloaded

The player will find themselves in a dystopian world of the USA as a newly enlisted soldier of the military. The aim is to rise through the leaderboard ranks while fighting on the 'good' side in 20+ story-driven missions along the way to the ultimate goal of saving humanity.

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Epic Roller Coasters

In Epic Roller Coasters you'll get the same stomach-flipping feeling of real roller coasters in locations and situations that you will most likely never have in real life! With its numerous possibilities of magic, world of dinosaurs, haunted houses and so much more, Epic Roller Coasters features a complete package of fun-tastic activities that will leave its players with an Epic adrenaline rush!

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Premium Bowling

Start the game and enjoy ten pin bowling right at your living room with Premium Bowling! Play its multiplayer competitions, conquer daily and weekly leaderboard lists and bowl your way to the top player rankings and bowling leagues.

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Cricket Club VR

Cricket Club VR is the most suitable VR game for private parties. It is compatible with Oculus Rift controllers as your bat and the player will be challenged against bowling with opponents in the VR stadium.

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Job Simulator VR

In an alternate reality where all humans have been replaced in their jobs by robots, walk into the "Job Simulator" to learn what it was like 'to job'. This game gives players the chance to relive their glory days of work by simulating the ups and downs of being a gourmet chef, an office worker, a convenience store clerk and more.

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Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift is the world's first VR game that is based around an underwater safari park. With this game viewers can explore a vividly surreal aquatic world full of marine life such as dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea snakes, rays, whales, sea lions and even prehistoric animals! The player is free to swim around any of the 14 aquatic habitats using innovative motion controls. You can activate the game's education mode to learn more about the animals you come across in the game in further detail.

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National Geographic Explore VR

As a National Geographic explorer, discover two of the most iconic locations on Earth. Head over to Antarctica and set off on a thrilling journey of discovery! Navigate around icebergs in your kayak, climb a massive ice mountain and survive a furious snowstorm as you search for the lost emperor penguin huddle. Visit the Machu Picchu in Peru and get absorbed in the amazing digital reconstructions of the ancient Inca Citadel. Witness mummy worship, raise a cup of sacred chicha and encounter alpacas as you match Hiram Bingham’s photographs from when he rediscovered the Inca Citadel.

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Why you should Call Us?

World Class VR Sets

At STEMBuddy Virtual Reality Experience, we provide industry latest and best technology experience to our customers.

Value for Money

It is a great family and friends break time experience and you will experience a immersive 3D Virtual Reality environment to enjoy.


It's a part of your already planned meeting or party and will not disturb your event. We will setup a VR Cornet for you to stay with other guests and enjoy this immersive experience.

Continous Technology Upgradation

Our focus is to provide latest and emerging technology experience to our customers, so we are regularly working to upgrade our services.

All Age Group

We have seen atleast 8+ age can play VR games and handle controllers successfully. Also, we always follows games age advisories for age specific that are appropriate to age groups and parents should allow them to play.

Portable Experience

We are flexible working across Melbourne Metropolitian and Regional Victoria. And we just need a empty room space, so we can setup amazing VR Experience at your place.


Choose a Plans Below

Super VR Party

$ 349

  • 2 Hours Gaming Experience
  • x 10 Person
  • Rotational Experience
  • 2 x VR Headsets
  • 3 Games Included
  • Travel Cost Included within 20 km from postcode 3805
  • Every additional gamer will be included with extra $35 and can be paid during event by bank transfer.
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Most Selling

Mega VR Party

$ 649

  • 4 Hours Gaming Experience
  • x 20 Person
  • Rotational Experience
  • 4 x VR Headsets
  • 5 Games Included
  • Travel Cost Included within 20 km from postcode 3805
  • Every additional gamer will be included with extra $35 and can be paid during event by bank transfer.
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Custom Package

$ **

  • 4 Hours Gaming Experience
  • ** Persons included
  • Rotational Experience
  • 4 x VR Headsets
  • ** Games Included
  • Travel Cost Included within 20 km from postcode 3805
  • Contact us on to discuss and get quotes

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Corporate and Private Bookings: Virtual Reality Experience

STEMBuddy can provide corporate experience at your office or workplace. We are located in Melbourne South-East Suburbs and can easily come and setup VR experience at your office. One of our team member will always be there to support during VR experience. Please submit a contact form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss on your specific requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

After all the equipment is set up, activated and ready to play, the players will be able to play games that have been booked during the bookings prior. Four players can play multiplayer games at a time. All VR games are supervised by the host and will be played in turns with appropriate time durations according to the number of players in the booked time.

Up to 4 players can play a multiplayer game or a single player game.

Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, The Climb, Job Simulator, Painting VR, Fruit Ninja, Super Hot, Vader Immortal, Pistol Whip, Gorn, The Thrill of the Fight, Ancient Dungeons.

Each VR set needs 2 x 2 metres of space so they can either stand or sit in the particular area. Multiplayer games can be played by either 2 or 3 or 4 players. Single player games cannot be played as a shared game and can only be played individually.

Yes! The view of what the players are seeing can be streamed to a TV with Chromecast for people to watch and enjoy even when they are not playing themselves.

You can either send us an email or call us on 416662756 to book your session. Payment can be made either on our online booking system or via bank transfer. Our friendly staff will help you out with any further questions that you may have.

We have pre-configured devices. All we need to do is connect the devices with the local Wi-Fi network and test them before we hand them over to the players, to make sure that there are not any issues during the game play. The overall setting up and packing up should take approximately 30 minutes before and after the event.

Please cancel or reschedule your booked event atleast 72 hours before the event date/time so that we can utilise that time-slot for other interested customers. Please refer to our cancellation and rescheduling policies for further detail.

The player must be 8 years or older to play the VR games and handle the controllers successfully. We make sure to always follow the age advisories for the games that are being played.

  • School/Kindergarten fundraisers, team building pirates, social nights, get-togethers.
  • Family gatherings at home or hotels.
  • Special birthday parties.
  • Club presentations.
  • Christmas parties.
  • 18th / 21st / 30th / 40th / 50th / etc Birthday Parties
  • Friend parties and meetups.
  • Private parties

Yes, and they will have to cover the respective costs for the damages caused.

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